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    In La Trufa Canina we think in dogs and cats! We are always looking for ways to improve the digestive health and provide nutritional meals. With this in mind, our philosophy is simple, to be the best in our work. To archive this, it goes without saying, canines are carnivores too-from the design of their cutting teeth and jaws for vertical movement, to their short digestive tract, the acidity in their stomach, the digestive enzymes in their saliva, to the chromosomal map that defines their blueprint as carnivores in their natural habitat. These characteristics are all taken into consideration, they provide a clear path to follow that makes sense and helps us to improve. That's how we got here and now launching our new range Ultra Premium Barrels. All of this makes us follow a clear path, that makes a sense, it makes us improve and that's way it got us here. And at the point of now present Our new range With Ultra Premium Barrels, we are no longer going to talk about a strong immune system, or benefits for the digestive system, or only the about joints, or healthy hair. We are not going mention exotic ingredients unless it makes sense. We've gone beyond this and whilst there may be no magic and might not have archived perfection, this time, we've reached new heights and used our research to became Il, all this is exceeded, perhaps there is no magic, perhaps there is no perfection, but this time we have scuffed and with our work we have given a name: Il Tartufo. In Il Tartufo veritas. the truth is in Il Tartufo. Within our team, is lost in the depths we have distant memories of when we had our first contact with the dogs. Each one of us, each one of the members who make up the heart of Il Tartufo, since been children and have always felt a special attraction for our dogs and cats since children, an attraction that later grew into a passion and finally into a way of life. A life dedicated to research, for to improvement of the conditions in each of the stages of a canine's life, first of all the copies that we were lucky and honor that pass through our hands, and subsequently, and irrevocably, for all dogs and cats that you can enable us to gain access. Our efforts leads to the current project, an honest project, thoughtful and professional, and this effort resulted with in a name, almost a symbol , that we want to know , and now will be described below . But for this and however, prior to this, we must clarify some concepts, we need to lay and provide some basis. It seems clear, accepted and socially assumed, that cats are carnivores. They are hunters, many of them able to survive in freedom, but however, in the case of the dogs, we have some doubt. Some look to be reasonable to look very similar to their respected elderly neighbor. Through Il Tartufo recipes, in a very real way contain ingredients of natural origin with minimum guarantees which rage from 62% to 88%. These recipes were based on the range of foods that carnivores according to the definition and use of each of our diets, we made ourselves comfortable in the percentage range of feeds that carnivores can access in the wild state.With this in mind, we were able to produce food that would provide optimum nutrition for your dog or cat (or should you decide to add a new partner to your life), and minimize any surprises that may arise as a result of poor nutrition. Starting early in your canine's life provides better health for you dog or cat.We would like to first make it clear what is a dog and what is a cat, so that the person that you already have, or may decide to take the initiative to add a new partner in their life, this will behave the minimum possible surprises arising from poor nutrition, punctuality can help to do the things as best as possible.Throughout the range, all our ingredients are fit for human consumption. We do not apply any type of dye, or artificial preservative, or any other additive that can affect the short or long-term health of your dog. This means that depending on the breed of chicken, for example chosen for the present on the Market at any time or the power that they have received, according or to the different types of rice to which we have access, etc. and after the construction producing the product, the flavour of the croquette can be affected from one batch to another, wall without a formula, nor any of its properties are never altered. As a consumer, you do not have to worry about this quite the contrary, remain a guarantee of naturalness. At Il Tartufo we have opted for this. We have prioritized the health of dog and cats, ahead of the image of our product. Our job is to help achieve healthy dogs and cats. We know that Il Tartufo is not going to be indifferent to certain persons or in certain industrial sectors, especially some of alimentation sector, just trying to be clear and in a simple manner, so our animals can access to the nutritional conditions by what nature has selected for hundreds of thousands of years, but in a simple and easy way to use for us, the owners. We have pointed out before: Il Tartufo veritas. in Il Tartufo is the truth!
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